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How The Beers Got Their Names. 

Dumpster Cock VIPA

If you haven’t noticed St. Thomas has a lot of “free range” chickens. And the biggest, toughest, most handsome of them all are the roosters who claim the roadside dumpsters as their own. Next time you pass a dumpster keep an eye out for one of these majestic birds.

  • Type: West Coast Style IPA
  • Nose: Tropical fruit, mango and apricot
  • IBUs: 47 ABV: 6.0%
  • Hops: Cascade & Chinook

Palate: Sweet tropical fruit, peach and apricot in the front. Dry finish with lingering tropical fruits.

Hull Bay Beach Lager

We made this beer so we would have something to drink when we packed up the dogs and headed to Hull Bay all day. Brewing a lighter beer allowed us to make it until the highlight of the day, the spectacular Hull Bay sunsets.

  • Type: Mexican-Style Lager
  • Nose: Sweet honey with hints of tropical fruit
  • IBUs: 14 ABV: 5.1%
  • Hops: Liberty

Palate: Refreshing and flavorful with a hint of honey finish. Enjoy with a lime.

Red Hook Rosé Red Ale

On the East End of St. Thomas there is a ferry dock. Next to that ferry dock is a concentration of marinas, restaurants and bars we know as Red Hook. This brew is in honor of all the countless hours we have spent boating and drinking out east!

  • Type: Classic Irish Red Ale
  • Nose: Sweet malty with hints of raisins and dried currant
  • IBUs: 17 ABV: 4.8%
  • Hops: Fuggles & Kent Goldings

Palate: Dark malts and sweet dried fruits with a lingering malt taste

Cockfight Double IPA

Generally, if you see two Dumpster Cocks together, they are fighting. So that’s what we named our double IPA

Laughing Gull Summer Wheat

You know its summer on St. Thomas when the laughing gulls return. These local gulls usually migrate back to island around April just in time for Carnival. If you’re here during that time, then keep an eye out for this seasonal hopped-up summer wheat.

Speedbump Pineapple Wheat

What better way to enjoy the super sweet local pineapples than to make beer out of them? All the locals know where the best pineapple stand is, by the speedbumps of course. Look for this seasonal treat around June or July

Rocktoberfest Marzen

You didn’t know we celebrated Oktoberfest on St. Thomas? Well here’s a little secret: We celebrate virtually every holiday known to mankind, especially the ones that involve drinking. Don’t believe us? Try going to the bank sometime.

Humpback Hefeweizen

Every year the Humpback Whales migrate through the Virgin Islands. If you are here February and March you might be lucky enough to see these majestic animals. This beer is a tribute to their annual 3,000 mile journey